BUSINESS OF THE YEAR - Reflection of Business Accomplishment

Business of the Year nomination reflection of business accomplishment

Roch Fortin views Maple Roch Pure Maple Syrup's nomination for the Summerland Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year as a reflection of the work his business has done.

The retired RCMP officer emphasizes the importance of collaboration as a powerful tool that has helped his business succeed. It is the personal connections he forms with others, whether that is with many of his staff who are on long-term disability or of physical disability or with local companies, that he values. With community and partnerships always at the forefront, he has built a network of individuals and businesses that have a common goal of producing healthy food and has allowed Maple Roch to give back to communities in various ways.

The award goes to a business established more than four years and is regarded an industry leader with a strong reputation for business success. The judge's notes also state the business demonstrates a high degree of professionalism and performance in key measures of business. The business shows a substantiated history exhibiting sustainable growth.

"We know that what we're doing is making a difference in people's life," says Fortin, who calls it an honour to be among the 11 nominees for Business of the Year in Summerland Chamber's 82nd annual Business Excellence Awards. "I'm looking at all the people that have been nominated, and there is an incredible amount of talented people that work extremely hard to bring their business to the level they have been able to bring them to."

Supporting Summerland is vital to Maple Roch. He cares about educating people about the community, and when he attends trade shows, he brings Summerland visitor guides with him.

"We always promote Summerland as much as we can," says Fortin proudly. "Summerland is my town. Summerland is my home. The more people we can bring to our downtown core, or to Summerland, the better it is for everyone."

Denim and Diamonds Gala is the theme for the Business Excellence Awards, which have been postponed with the date to be determined amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maple Roch has a busy March with its harvest. Fortin has begun tapping threes two to three weeks ahead of last year. To date with the help of friends,he has collected 600 litres of sap. The goal is to reach 1,000 to 2,000 litres as Maple Roch has a waiting list of 176 people wanting to purchase their maple syrup. Fortin will begin boiling maple syrup near the end of March and invites people to participate or help out.


About Maple Roch: In 2011, Maple Roch started with six barrels and have now surpassed making 50, while purchasing 100 barrels from New Brunswick annually. The company produces great maple syrup products such as maple walnuts, maple almond Rocha and of course syrup which has helped them win awards. They support social enterprise with Okanagan businesses and the products are available throughout the Okanagan, used in restaurants and sold in grocery stores.