Maple Roch from the inside: Emily's Corner

Hi, My name is Emily Eaton and I am the newest addition to Maple Roch. I have been working here since early June. I am a Summerland Secondary 2018 graduate and I just finished my first year at the University of British Columbia (Okanagan). I am taking a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Anthropology. I also just recently came back from a trip to Switzerland and Italy with my boyfriend and his family.

When his various aunts and uncles found out I was going to be working at a maple syrup shop for the summer they had mixed reactions. Some laughed and said I was a true Canadian as I wore plaid almost the whole trip, including a pair of shoes. Others were very confused. 'What is a maple syrup shop?' they would ask. Quite honestly I wasn't sure what to say to that. A maple syrup shop can mean different things to different people. For some it could be the grocery store, others it could mean a special shop that their family goes to on vacations to Eastern Canada. It could even be the second shelf in the pantry at home. But for the little town of Summerland, a maple syrup shop is Maple Roch, the place with Ice Cream and Maple Mustard, Maple Brie Toppings and just plain old Maple syrup. So when people would ask: 'What on earth is a maple syrup shop?' I would say 'A little shop downtown where literally everything is made of maple syrup. It is a truly Canadian experience.' This would usually get a good chuckle.

During my time here, I have discovered little secrets about maple syrup and Maple Roch products. My current favourite is maple apricots. You cut the apricot in half and take out the seed, then you put maple syrup where the seed used to be and quickly eat it before the syrup spills out. Trust me it is worth it. 

I will leave this post with a friendly recommendation of some of the products here. If you are coming here and you don't know what to buy, we do tastings! However, if you don't have the time, here are some must-haves: Maple Mustard, a dijon mustard with a good kick. Maple Caramel Spread, one of the tastiest things in the shop, it is one of the best caramel sauces you will ever have. Sage + Quartz Sweet Glow Body polish, this body scrub feels great, smells great and leaves your hands super smooth. 

Honestly though, everything here is fantastic.