Maple Roch From The Inside: Emily's Corner 2

Summer is here! This means sunburn, tourists, beaches, friends, and most importantly... ICE CREAM!! "Now, where is the best place to get ice cream?" you might ask. Well, you could go to Nesters and buy a pail, or you could go to Summerland Sweets and get a cone, you could even go to Grannies and get a bit of gelato, but the best ice cream in town has got to be at Maple Roch. I do have a bias because I work here, but it is true.

We get our ice cream from Parlor Ice Cream in Kelowna and it's absolutely delicious. Once you try it you'll never go back to regular ice cream. We can put on maple syrup, caramel, and/or Almond Rocha. I keep grabbing a little bowl for myself from time to time and now I can't eat the ice cream in my freezer at home. I've become spoiled.

As for my own summer, I have taken up the sport of Dogspotting. Dogspotting is basically screaming out DOG when you see a dog. I feel like I am a gold medal winner at this sport as I have scared many people while doing it. If you are walking around with your furry friend, why not come on in! We always appreciate a good pup! As long as they don't start eating everything.. that is the human's job!

This summer is going to be a hot one but it's going to be a good one! Stay hydrated, stay cool and come on into the shop!