Merry Maple Twelve Days of Christmas

Christmas is just days away and if you have been following us on Facebook and Instagram, we've been providing you with 12 gift ideas. We are going to recap our ideas in case you need some last minute help with the perfect maple-flavoured gifts.

  1. Apple and Cranberry vinaigrettes These tasty vinaigrettes have a great homemade taste and texture. The combination of maple syrup and apple cider makes for a bright and fresh flavour. Try the dressing on shredded greens, leafy salads, potato/rice salad or roasted vegetables. The maple cranberry is excellent for spinach or meats like turkey. The sweetness of maple balances the cranberry tart. The delicious blend of natural ingredients make this a favourite dressing on any salad choice.

Apple cider ingredients: canola oil, apple cider vinegar, organic maple syrup, mustard, spices.

Cranberry ingredients: canola oil, fresh cranberries, organic maple syrup, wine vinegar, fresh orange juice, fresh ginger.

  1. UMAMI Crave the Fifth: Dressing Finishing Sauce DIP: This is vegan, gluten free and keto-friendly. The amazing tasting dip is made from Canola oil, Dimethylpolysiloxane, apple cider vinegar, nutritional yeast, liquid soy seasoning (Soy bean, vegetable protein), distilled water, dijon mustard (mustard seeds, vinegar, white wine, salt), pure maple syrup, garlic powder (dehydrated garlic, high oleic sunflower oil). This can be used with many foods, including salmon.

  1. Almond Rocha a.k.a. "Little piece of sin"

Val from Voluptuous Sweets made this insanely good, butter-crunch treat exclusively for Maple Roch. This treat will spark your taste buds with four food groups - chocolate, butter, salt and maple. This a fantastic locally-made gift idea.

Ingredients: Maple Roch organic maple syrup and maple sugar, organic butter, raw almonds, roasted almonds, milk chocolate and rock salt.

 Available in our retail store only - Due to the delicate nature of homemade goodies, we cannot guarantee the product when it is shipped. Large quantities can be delivered within the Okanagan.

  1. Dilly Carrots and Pickled Scapes

Garnett Hollow Organic Farm in Summerland makes these products that are flying off the shelf. Dilly carrots are made with organic baby carrots, dill, garlic, vinegar, water, salt and spices. The Pickled Scapes are made with organic garlic scapes (flower heads), dill, vinegar, water and salr.

  1. Maple Walnuts

Two local teenagers made this crunchy and sweet treat. This can please your family or friends. It's made with fresh organic walnuts, Maple Roch Organic Maple Syrup and sugar.

  1. Mustard spreads and Maple Caramel with sea salt

Maple mustard possesses a hint of sweetness, then kicks your palette with horseradish that mellows out. This is great with ham, corned beef, salmon, eggs or avocado. Also great for dipping sausage, breads, pretzels or chicken nuggets. It's a must for the foodie or chef.

Ingredients: water, vinegar, mustard seeds, organic maple syrup and spices.

Organic maple spread

This has a consistency like butter and can be used on toast, waffles or pancakes. The possibilities of what you can add this are endless. Made with 100 per cent maple syrup.

Maple caramel with sea salt

Once you taste this, you might just want it on everything. This silky, salty, maple caramel sauce is delicious on ice cream, brownies, cakes and cookies, cinnamon buns, cupcakes or squares! Hand harvested salt from the south of France balances the flavour of caramel and chocolate. 

Ingredients: Organic maple syrup, glucose, sweetened condensed milk and sea salt.

  1. Aurora Gold

This fantastic maple syrup is made in partnership with YK Gold and Silver of Yellowknife. Pure 100 per cent organic maple syrup harvested by master maple craftsman in New Brunswick and infused with food-safe 24k gold. You'll get a legendary taste and a chance to experience a truly extraordinary Canadian creation. 

  1. Bath package (Little Luxuries Soap)

Maple Body Butter- Smells incredible and made with Maple Roch Organic Maple Syrup, as well as aqua, Butyropermum Parkii (shea butter), Persea Gratissima (avocado ) oil, Emulsifying was NF, Theobroma cacoa, seed butter, Olea Europea (olive)oil, Stearic acid, Glycerin, preservatives (benzyl alcohol, Calcylic acid and Clycerin and sorbic acid and parfum.

Maple Bath Salts- Along with maple syrup, includes Epsolm and Dedritic salt.

Maple Cold Processed soap- Is made with Olea Europaea (olive), fruit oil, aqua, Cocos Nucifera (coconut) oil, Elaels Guineensis palm oil, sodium hydroxide as well as parfum with maple syrup. Handmade in Keremeos.

  1. Granola

This awesome tasting handmade local granola blend from Farm Gate Kitchen and Bakery is great with yogurt, cereal or as a nutritious snack alone. The granola is lightly sweetened with dark syrup that adds an earthy flavour to each bite.  It also adds taste and texture to baked apples or pears.

Ingredients: Rolled oats*, almonds, Maple Roch syrup*, pumpkin seeds, coconut, coconut oil*, coconut flour*, vanilla*, cinnamon*, himalayan salt (*certified organic) Vegan, wheat free

Available in-store only.

  1. Breakfast package

Make a fantastic breakfast for the family with any combination of Hotcakes, maple syrup and maple caramel spread.

  1. Brie topper

Take brie to another level with this delicious gourmet topping for baked cheeses, including brie and camembert. The softness and warmth of brie cheese topped with the chewy texture of cranberries and almonds blended with the sweetness of maple sugar is pure heaven.

This is also a great with oatmeal, vanilla ice cream or waldorf salad. Get the ultimate flavour enhancement for your favorite French toast or waffle recipe. 

Ingredients: Canadian Cranberries, Almonds, and Pure Organic Maple Sugar 

  1. Maple and Lavendar tea

Is soft, subtle and soothing, with a surprisingly sweet and delicate flavour. The added maple softens and sweetens the herbaceous flavour while soothing your belly and mind. It is also caffeine and theine free. It is also known for its calming effect to help fight insomnia and anxiety.

Ingredients: Organic maple sugar, Labrador Tea, lavender flowers.

Available in-store only.

Happy shopping and have a Merry Christmas!