The Big Spend

Maple Roch believes in the Big Spend initiative

Canada comes together July 25th to support small business 

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SUMMERLAND, B.C.- Maple Roch is getting behind the Big Spend, which encourages people to shop locally.

Maple Roch, a producer of fine Canadian organic maple syrup products, believes The Big Spend is a great way to revive Canada's economy.

The Canadian economy has been hit hard by COVID-19. Small, local businesses have been especially impacted, and now face the difficult task of recovery. Local small businesses provide nearly 70 per cent of all private-sector jobs in Canada. 

"We have always been strong believers in people supporting Summerland businesses. We do our part by recommending our customers to shop at specific stores we know will fulfill their needs or that we think they will like," says Maple Roch owner Roch Fortin. "For this reason, I think people should get behind the Big Spend campaign as the goal behind it is very important in our current time."

On July 25, The Big Spend is encouraging Canadians to be part of helping to revive our economy by making an intentional purchase at a local small business. The goal is to inject $100M into our economy on this single day. 

"Chambers of Commerce from across our nation, along with local businesses and individual Canadians, are signing on to be 'Spend Friends.,' says Deb McClelland, former past president of Chamber of Commerce Executives of Canada.   "Collectively, on July 25th, we can make this the largest 'Christmas in July' Canada has ever seen!"

The Big Spend is meant to be more than a symbolic gesture of hope. It is a practical step we can take as part of a larger action plan for economic recovery in Canada. When adding the benefits of buying local to the positive impact of what economists call the "multiplier effect", as consumers we help create a snowball of growth for our communities, and our country as a whole. Community organizations, chambers of commerce, churches and Canadians across the country will be part of this special effort to help kick start the Canadian economic recovery process. 

"In my work with Leading Influence, I get to meet with and support leaders from across Canada. Kick-starting our economy is on all of their minds," says Tim Schindel, national director of Leading Influence and founder of "The Big Spend".   "The Big Spend became an intensely practical, and I might add, easy way to help Canada start down the road to recovery in every city across our nation." 

Consumers that shop local can share a story or photo where they made their Big Spend on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #TheBig Spend or @TheBigSpend

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