Maple Lane Ice Cream

Maple Lane Ice Cream

Closed For The Season

If you have the chance to come and visit us in Summerland BC, we hope you are able to stop in to Maple Lane, located right beside the Maple Roch Store.

Maple Lane features beautifully hand-crafted, premium ice cream from Parlour Ice Cream in Kelowna, located just 30 minutes north from the store.

We partnered with Parlour Ice Cream not only because of the quality of their delicious small batch ice cream, but because they are "obsessed with local ingredients and unique flavour profiles". Parlour Ice Cream is proud to be the only place in Kelowna that is hand-crafting premium ice cream on site.

Parlour flavours we are featuring at Maple Roch include:

  • Cookies & Cream
  • Maple Bourbon Pecan
  • Premium Gourmet Vanilla
  • Birthday Cake
  • Vegan Ice Cream

Not only is our ice cream premium and made in small batches, but it also supports a cause very close to the heart of Maple Roch.

$1.00 from every ice cream sale will go to support Mirjana's Movement.

Mirjana is the manager and the heart of the Maple Roch store. She is battling a condition, a disorder and a rare disease, all at the same time.

See Mirjana's Movement on her Facebook group here

Donate to Mirjana's GoFundMe page here

There is a life extending medication available to slow the progression of her pulmonary fibrosis but it is not yet covered by the government. It costs her $4000.00 a month.

Every little bit helps. So visit Mirjana at Maple Roch, grab some ice cream and be sure to check out her Facebook group or her GoFundMe page.