Meet the

Maple Roch Team

Roch is the Director of the Summerland Food Bank and Resource Centre. He helped pioneer an employment program that helps those with long term disabilities find casual employment. We are proud to be a company that believes in work place diversity. 

Mirjana, the heart and soul of Maple Roch is the executive Manager working directly with Roch. She manages the store and the office. Born with Albinism, living with a severe visual impairment has not slowed her down. She is a Community Leader and advocate. Voted Citizen/Volunteer of the Year and National Top 3% Women of Influence as well as nominated Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada

Meet Joanne, she has been working at Maple Roch for four years. Almost since the beginning. When you read your label on our Tarquina bottle chances are Joanne put together the label. She makes the Maple Sugar Brie Toppers every Christmas season.

Jen has perfected the most flavourful Maple Pure Spun Maple Cotton Candy. She has worked at the perfect technique with our 100% organic Maple Sugar.

Rocky plays baseball with Roch. Little did Roch know how much Rocky loves Maple Syrup. Once he learned, Roch invited Rocky to help at the Markets. A new closer friendship was forged. Rocky is retired but loves to help when he can. The staff adores his kind gentle manner.

Cody started with Maple Roch when he was 15 years old. We met Cody through the Working Together Program at The Neil Squire Society. He copes with Autism Spectrum and learning delays. We modified our work space and duties, so he could have an experience of contributing. 

Emma met Roch and his family three years while she was working at a local ice cream shoppe. Roch noticed her strong work ethic and outgoing personality. She offered her a job working along side him at the local food market. With Roch’s encouragement Emma became a Rotary Youth exchange student in Hungary, Summerland Princess in the Blossom Pageant as well as a student at Simon Fraser University studying Political Sciences. She returns every summer as Youth Staff Manager.

Sam, Roch’s son has shown the same entrepreneur values as his father. At the age of 13, he and his friend Andrew, started a Maple Walnut business. We sell the Walnuts in the store. Now Sam helps with ice cream sales.

Scarlett, our youngest Team Member, sings at Maple Roch events, shares our maple story at tastings, and helps at the markets. Everyone loves her happy enthusiasm.