250ml Decorative Tarquina


Our Amber Tarquina makes the perfect gift from Canada. Designed with a beautiful maple leaf motif.Each bottle is hand dipped in wax. All the labels are individually tagged by clients.....

40ml Maple Roch Maple Syrup Amber


A 40 ml gift size of our famous Canadian maple syrup.  Currently only available in Amber. Great size for travelling and makes for a wonderful gift idea!..

Arbeau Premium Maple Sap Water 750ml


Arbeau, from the French meaning ‘beautiful tree’ – pays homage to Mother Nature, the maple tree and the unique water that flows from it. Arbeau is the world’s only 100%.....

Aurora Maple Gold Syrup (Limited Edition) 250ml


Produced in partnership with YK Gold and Silver of Yellowknife, NWT, Aurora Maple Gold Syrup offers a legendary taste and a chance for you to experience a truly extraordinary Canadian.....

French Kiss Lip Polish and Lip Butter Duo


Handmade by Sage & Quartz, your lips will thank you for the softness and sweetness the polish and butter create!   Gently exfoliate the lip area with the polish to prepare.....

Maple Almond Rocha


This decadent treat is just like the traditional roca, but with a maple flare. Val from Voluptuous Sweets created this popular and butter-crunch treat exclusively for Maple Roch.  Described as.....

Maple and Lavender Tea


 A caffeine & theine free tea with the sweet taste of maple! This warm tea is soft, subtle and soothing, with a surprisingly sweet and delicate flavor. The added maple.....

Maple Apple Chips


Bringing the Canadian nature together into one product!  Apples + Maple Syrup  Our apple chips are locally grown organic Okanagan gala apples that are sliced and dehydrated into soft "chips"!.....

Maple Apple Cider Vinaigrette


This Maple Apple Cider vinaigrette contains a beautiful homemade taste and texture. The unique blend of maple syrup and apple cider makes for a bright and fresh flavor.  Try our.....