Maple Roch Artisans

Because we are based on operating like a social enterprise, we are happy to offer a selection of amazing local products made by talented, hard working people and communities, right in our store. Here are some of the local artisans and the products we are excited to share with you.

Maple Syrup Leaves Artisans

Local Artisans 


Maple Syrup Artisan Umami Umami

Umami Crave The Fifth is a business run by two sister in laws, featuring three unmistakable products that are each dressings, dips and finishing sauces in one, and Maple Roch is proud to carry these amazing Okanagan products in store. 

“Umami is the fifth, little known youngest sibling of the four familiar tastes:  sweet, salty, bitter and sour.  [...] Umami Dressing, Dip and Finishing Sauce, known until recently as the “cider vin”, was actually created by Chef Justin Best, Stephanie’s brother and Joanna’s husband.  Justin encountered this style of dressing several years ago and has offered it on his menus to rave reviews ever since”.


Maple Syrup Artisans Sage Quartz Sage+Quartz

Sage+Quartz is a natural, small batch, artisan skincare company. Every product is carefully formulated and hand crafted with love and intention. We were introduced to Trina at a Women Who Mean Business event held at the Maple Roch store. Trina’s strong ethical values made for the perfect collaboration. We are proud to feature her maple skin care products at our store.


Maple Syrup Artisan Granny's Granny’s Bakery

Granny’s Bakery in Summerland is an amazing local bakery here that is loved and cherished by local Summerlanders. We are so happy to collaborate with Granny’s to bring you our popular Maple Granola, which they skillfully prepare for us with our own Maple Roch maple syrup. Maple Roch Granola is wheat-free and is made without any fillers, plus, it is vegan. The granola pairs perfectly with yogurt or oatmeal and it can add texture and flavour to baked apples or pears.

Maple Syrup Artisan Val Valuptuous Sweets

Val, owner of Valuptuous Sweets, has a special hand for making amazing desserts. She makes the most delicious Maple Almond Rocha with our very own signature maple syrup and we are so happy that she continues to make this popular item for us. We describe it as both sinful and heavenly.


Maple Syrup Artisan Soap Little Luxuries Soap

We are happy to have Little Luxuries Soap on board as one of our valued artisans. Julie makes many of our maple products including our maple hand cream, our maple bars of soap and more.

“The Little Luxuries Soap Company started in 2013 on the premise that handmade bath and body products with beautiful scents are one of life’s Little Luxuries." After a lifetime of creating and crafting, Owner Julie Ellison, started making soaps. The business has since expanded to include a wider product line, all of which are handmade in small batches in Keremeos, BC.


 True Grain

"True Grain is a values-based business and we’re always interested in meeting skilled craft bakers who share our vision to reconnect people with their food. If you’re looking for ways to apply your baking passion to make a difference to a more sustainable, more delicious future, we’d love to hear from you."


Maple Syrup Artisan Chocolate Premium Artisans Chocolate by Perry

We recently introduced Premium Artisans Chocolates by Perry. Perry makes a selection of high quality, fine, handmade chocolates with a hint of maple. Perry had worked in the northern region of Canada as a heavy duty mechanic, but his true passion is chocolate. One day he decided to leave his position to pursue his passion, which is making the finest chocolate that needs to be tasted to be truly appreciated.


Maple Syrup Artisans BBQ Rubs La Pincée

We are excited to collaborate with La Pincée to offer a variety of maple-infused bbq rubs and spices.

“Raw materials are at the forefront of everything we make. The magic of the blends is the central motif of our work. We like to create according to our tastes and inspirations, without ever straying from what distinguishes La Pincée: textures, flavours and colours”.


Maple Syrup Artisan Gin Kit BerryPatch

Denise and Brian have traveled the world together, and have enjoyed every minute of the journey. Now they are the owners of Berry Patch, a company producing and selling their very own Gin Kits, and we are happy to carry this exclusive product right in Maple Roch.


Maple Syrup Artisan Maple Salmon River Select

The River Select Fisheries Cooperative is about communities helping communities. They sell wild salmon products from indigenous community fisheries from BC’s greatest rivers.

“We take pride in who we are, not just as fishers, but as fishing communities. For that reason, our fisheries conserve our natural environments by respecting strict measures around selective fishing and quality control and by doing so, place the needs of our rivers and the life it holds first. Our commitment to the world around us means that you can enjoy River Select wild salmon today and for many seasons to come.”