Meet Roch

Meet Roch, owner of Maple Roch

Roch's History

Roch Fortin is a veteran Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer who was stationed in Northern New Brunswick Canada. He was witness to the maple craftsmanship in the region and was impressed by the passion, technique, and attention to detail by the maple producing families there, who passed the tradition down from generation to generation.

For several years, Roch worked and lived side by side with the people of Northern New Brunswick until he retired. At his retirement farewell, he made a promise to help the people he had come to know and respect.

He met two very hard working maple-producing families who harnessed incredible skill and passion and decided to launch Maple Roch, offering the highest quality maple syrup harvested by these families.

Maple Roch Today

Maple Roch Maple Syrup Today

In 2012 Maple Roch started his business with 6 barrels and now has a multitude of maple products that are still produced with syrup from the same maple families. With his environmental approach, he found ways for his packaging to reflect his conservation practices by offering compostable, recyclable and reusable containers.

Roch was a Director of the Summerland Food Bank & Resource Centre and continues his dedication to help clients with a range of different needs find gainful experience. He provides numerous employment and mentorship opportunities whenever possible.

Maple Roch is not just a business; it is a social enterprise-based model and is an environmental ally.

Supporting Maple Roch helps maintain all of these important initiatives.