How Maple Syrup Is Made

How Maple Syrup is Made | 2022

Maple syrup is a traditional sweetener used in both American and Canadian cuisine. You may wonder how that delicious maple syrup is made, and the truth is, is that it comes right from the maple trees (or at least it does if you are buying pure, organic maple syrup).

There are maple syrups out there that are not pure and are produced differently for quantity purposes, but those syrups do not boast the same health benefits and the amazing, real flavour flavour that you get from pure maple syrup.

Let's explore more about how real maple syrup is made.

How Maple Syrup is Made

Maple syrup can be made anywhere where sugar maple trees grow and where there is a great variation between winter and spring temperatures – Canada, Michigan and New England are big producers, and other states sell their own versions too. The maple syrup from our store, Maple Roch, comes from small maple syrup farms in Eastern Canada and is 100% pure, is sustainably harvested and has been harvested by the same maple producing families for years and years.

Where does Maple Roch maple syrup come from?

While over 90% of Canadian maple syrup is produced in Quebec, most of Maple Roch's small batch maple syrup is produced in Saint-Quentin, New Brunswick; a town of approx. 2200 people.

Saint-Quentin is found in the Appalachian Mountains, where sugar maple trees grow naturally in ancient forests embedded in the rich, moist montane soils.

This location provides a soil profile that is perfect for growing sugar maples, as they require deep, moist, well-drained acidic soil, and this is perhaps part of the secret as to why Maple Roch's maple syrup is the best maple syrup you can buy.

The maple syrup farms that we get our amazing maple syrup from produce the highest possible quality, unblended organic maple syrup for Maple Roch. So let's look at how our maple syrup is made.

How is maple syrup made?

1. Tapping the trees

In February and March, when the temperature at our maple syrup farms allow the maple sap to naturally run, sugar maple trees are carefully tapped in strict compliance with the standards set by Ecocert Canada for organic food.

A spout is plugged into a hole, gently bored into the tree and then it is connected to a tubing system to collect the maple sap. This is how we harvest the maple syrup.

2. Collecting maple water

In March and April, when below-freezing night temperatures (ideally -6◦C) alternate with above-freezing day temperatures (ideally +6◦C), the three sap is collected following organic procedures. The tubing system carries the maple water towards the collecting stations from where it is transferred to the processing plant in tank trucks.

3. Reverse osmosis water extraction in maple water

Reverse osmosis is a method used for reducing both boiling time and energy consumption when turning the maple sap into maple syrup. By separating and extracting pure water from maple sap, the procedure concentrates the sugars naturally present in sap. The concentrated maple water is then transformed into maple syrup.

4. Evaporation

The maple water concentrate is then boiled into syrup. The equipment used to do so is called an evaporator. Three evaporators are used during the production season to make all of the maple syrup, although it takes a seasoned maple harvesting vetran to know and understand when the quality of maple syrup is best.

He or she knows when to boil longer, when to reduce the heat and all of the other things that must be done in order to achieve the highest quality of maple syrup. We are maple Roch want the highest possible quality for our maple syrup.

5. Filtration, grading and barrel storage

Once the syrup reaches the desired boiling point, it is then transferred to the filter press where any impurities are removed in order to obtain 100% pure maple syrup. The maple syrup is finally stored in barrels and is graded according to international standards.

6. Tap removal

In May, once the sugaring season is over, producers put away the tubing system and carefully remove the spouts from the trees. Because our maple syrup comes from long-standing maple syrup family farms, the trees are treated with the highest level of standards and sustainability. They are meticulously looked after and are loved by the families who take care of them.

What makes Maple Roch maple syrup different?

Maple Roch's maple syrup is truly a Canadian masterpiece in its hand-crafted, small-batch quality and distinct, single blend flavour. We maintain quality over quantity and that is why our syrup is 100% pure. There are no additives or other syrups blended in to increase the volume of syrup. We want our customers to taste the syrup the way it should taste.

Time-honoured traditions have left the recipe unchanged: gather what the forest gives and maintain its purity to truly enjoy the untouched history in its flavour.

If you would like to try some of our maple syrup, you can order online and have it shipped to you. Check out our store and try it for yourself! And be sure to let us know what you think, leave a comment on our website, or follow us and comment on our Instagram or Pinterest! We appreciate all of your support.

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