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10 Tips To Purchasing VEGAN Maple Syrup [2022]

You are here because you are wondering, is maple syrup vegan? Well, that depends. Let's talk about how maple syrup is produced and if maple syrup is truly a vegan food.

First, what is a vegan? A vegan is a person who does not eat any food derived from animals and who typically does not use other animal products for dietary or ethical reasons.


Maple syrup is vegan by nature. When maple sap is harvested directly from a maple tree, and boiled and bottled with no additives, in a sustainably managed maple tree forest, it is 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Maple syrup that is harvested directly from the maple tree and is boiled with no additives, is a plant-based, natural food.

When choosing vegan maple syrup, keep these points in mind so that you are supporting a maple syrup brand that is 100% vegan. Here are some important factors to consider when purchasing vegan maple syrup.


1. Maple sap should be tapped in a sustainable way without doing any harm to the maple trees or forest. A maple syrup farm will take the utmost care of their forests to ensure the protection of the maple trees.

2. Tapping the maple trees must be done with environmentally friendly practices that cause no harm to the natural environment. 

3. A sugar maple tree forest should be healthy and grow in rich, moist soils. This will produce the best tasting maple syrup and keep the natural balance of the maple forest healthy.

4. Organic and vegan maple syrup will not be mixed with other syrups. The best vegan maple syrup will be single forest. This means that the maple syrup is not blended with any other forest or unknown practices. Vegan maple syrup should be offered in the purest form from the soil composition of that specific forest. Look for single forest on the website or bottle.

5. 100% organic and vegan maple syrup will not include defoaming agents or anything added to the sap during the boiling process or bottling process.

6. The best way to purchase maple syrup is in a glass container.

maple syrup in a glass bottle

7. Commercially produced maple syrup is typically mixed with other syrups, sugar and ingredients to produce quantity over quality.

8. For maple syrup to be vegan, there can be no artificial colors or flavours derived from animals.

9. If maple syrup also contains honey, it is not vegan.

10. Vegan maple syrup should be labelled as such. If certified organic, vegan or kosher is not on the label, do some more research on that brand before purchasing.


The families that produce our maple syrup use the best practices so that the maple forest is not harmed during harvest. They have passed on the tradition of syrup making from generation to generation. Producing the purest, vegan maple syrup is a true artform.

As long as you look after the maple forest and tap the trees correctly you can harvest the maple sap in a sustainable way year after year.

We call the families that make our maple syrup the guardians of the forest. They truly care about sustainability and the health of their forest.

In early spring when the temperature is still cold at night and the days are getting warmer, our sugar maple trees are tapped in strict compliance with the standards set by Ecocert Canada for organic food.

To tap the maple trees, a small hole is gently bored in the tree and then it is connected to a tubing system to collect the maple sap.

In May, once the collecting season is over, the maple syrup farmers put away the tubing system and carefully remove the spouts from the trees until the next season.

You can learn all about our maple syrup harvesting practices here.

We hope this article helped you out and now you can confidently purchase vegan maple syrup from the right producers.

Maple syrup is also a good choice for sweetening smoothies and desserts. So next time you're looking for a tasty way to add some sweetness to your meal, don't forget the maple syrup!


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