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9 Best GIFT IDEAS For CHEFS That They Will LOVE [2021]

Here is the ultimate gift guide for the chef in your life who needs a thoughtful gift.

We are discussing the best gifts for chefs.

Sometimes it's a challenge to find the perfect gift idea for that person in your life who loves to be in the kitchen. The best part about this gift guide is that all of these items will actually get used! These gift ideas are perfect for a home chef AND a professional chef.

Whenever you need a little extra gift for a cook, this list definitely has some really great options for gifts for home chefs and gifts for kid chefs too! This list has gift ideas under $25 and also a deluxe gift option for when you need to splurge on something fabulous.

Chefs are very particular in which tools and equipment they use, so let's leave those up to them and instead, give them something that they are sure to actually use and love. Pure maple syrup of course! In this ultimate gift guide for Chefs, we are sharing amazing gift ideas for people who love to experiment and have fun with their delicious dishes. 

Chefs are raving about using our 100% pure organic Maple syrup in their dishes & restaurants! Like the Poplar Grove Winery & Summerland Waterfront Resort Restaurant. Chefs everywhere are using our pure maple syrup from everything from savory dishes to cocktails.



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Any Chef will absolutely love to cook and bake with our true, pure Canadian Maple Spread. This Maple Spread is 100% pure maple syrup that has been whipped into a delicious spreadable version. Chef's go crazy over it! You can use it as a spread, add it to cocktail recipes and use it for breakfast dishes too. If you are looking for gifts for pastry chefs, they will definitely have some fun with this yummy treat. It's a great giftable size too for a small thank you gift.

best gift ideas for chefs maple spread


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For any aspiring chef or pastry chef who loves to make dishes a little sweeter. This Maple Caramel with sea salt compliments so many different dishes beyond the sweet palette. To make the Maple Caramel even more tasty, we import the sea salt from Garlan, France. Nothing but the absolute best for our customers! Pair this yummy treat with cheese, or add it to your hot drinks. This is a great little gift idea for any chef who loves to try new things!

best gift ideas for sous chefs maple caramel


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When you pair pure maple syrup with mustard, you get a perfect combination of sweet & savory. We sell so much Maple Mustard that we now offer it in a 1L size too! A unique gift for any chef who loves to cook and try new ingredients. When you are looking for a unique gift idea for chefs who have everything, they will be delighted with this thoughtful gift. Use it for a dipping sauce for chicken wings, or use it as a flavour booster in salad dressings.

The maple mustard is made with our own maple syrup, which is a single blend. This means it is not mixed with other syrups so you know you are getting a 100% pure & natural product.

best gift ideas for chefs maple mustard

4. MAPLE SUGAR For Chefs

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Chefs everywhere are raving about pure maple sugar. Did you know that our Maple Sugar is made from the syrup of sustainably-harvested maple trees in the pristine Appalachian forests in New Brunswick? These trees grow in rich, montane soils. Any chef would love this delightful treat as a gift and there are just so many ways to use it too!

Sprinkle our premium Maple Sugar onto morning oatmeal or French toast. You can also add it to cream cheese for a sweet apple dip or use it on salmon dishes too.

best gift ideas for chefs maple sugar


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If you want to get the budding chef in your life something they will actually love and cook a delicious meal with then you absolutely cannot go wrong with our Maple BBQ sauce! Your chef can use this on everything from wings to a finishing sauce. This will definitely please any sous chef in your life who loves to BBQ. And the taste is a perfect combination of sweet and savory.

Perfectly sweetened with our signature maple syrup, this BBQ sauce is designed to enhance the natural flavour of meats and recipes in the most tantalizing way.

best gift ideas for chefs maple BBQ sauce


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Get a taste of summer any time of the year with our signature maple apple cider vinaigrette. This tangy dressing is a yummy combination of tangy and sweet that is bursting with intense flavors. Your chef can use this on summer salads, wraps and can even be used as a flavorful marinade. We know your chef will find many delicious ways to use this for their dishes! 

This Maple Apple Cider Vinaigrette infuses maple syrup right into the tart apples, amplifying each other's flavour profiles perfectly.

best gifts for chefs apple cider vinaigrette


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Here is the absolute best gift for sous vide chefs. It is our premium grade A, Canadian maple syrup in a 500ml pouch. Many chefs love to use this for baking and cooking. And our maple syrup is often gifted to professional and home chefs all around the world. One thing that chefs are raving about is that our syrup is sustainably harvested. It comes from a single forest of maple trees in New Brunswick that grow in rich, montane soils.

Our maple syrup is single blend, meaning it is not mixed with other syrups. This allows our maple syrup to taste just as it should; as if it were harvested from the tree and boiled right in front of you.

bet gift ideas for chefs maple syrup


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And then if you really want to go big, here is our best selling maple syrup in a huge 1.5L pouch. This is a great gift for a professional chef who is constantly trying new recipes. There's a lot in here!

The 1.5L maple syrup pouches can be kept in the freezer indefinitely. The maple syrup never changes color, texture or flavour. When storing the pouches in the freezer, stand the pouch upright so nothing is sitting on top of it. Just leave the pouch out for 20 minutes, refill a glass container for the fridge and return it to the freezer.

best gift ideas for chefs large maple syrup


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For those who really want to splurge and get something for their chef, you can try all of the products above in one deluxe gift box set. Imagine the delight of your chef as they open up all of these delicious and tasty maple syrup giftable ideas! The best thing about gifting maple syrup is that these are things that are actually going to get used, so it makes a perfect gift idea for your home chef or person in your life who loves to try new things!

Anyone in your life who loves to cook will be inspired with this gift box set to start making some maple syrup recipes and dishes! It arrives beautifully presented and ready for gifting.

best gift ideas for chefs large gift box

We hope you find the perfect gift idea for that chef in your life! Please save a Pin to your foodie boards and bookmark us for later!

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