How To Freeze Maple Syrup [2022]

How To Freeze Maple Syrup [2022]

Maple syrup is one of those amazing condiments that you wish would last forever. Granted, it does have a wonderfully long shelf life when kept in the fridge, but did you know that you can freeze your maple syrup to make it last even longer? Let's talk about freezing maple syrup, specifically:

  • how to properly freeze maple syrup
  • reasons why you should freeze maple syrup
  • how freezing maple syrup can help you be environmentally friendly
  • what the best containers to freeze maple syrup in are
  • where to buy freezable maple syrup

Here is everything you need to know about freezing maple syrup.


    Can You Freeze Maple Syrup?

    If you are wondering if it can (and should) be done, the answer is yes. You can (and should) freeze maple syrup. In fact, we encourage it! Freezing maple syrup will increase its shelf life and help preserve the natural flavour. There are some things you should know about freezing maple syrup though.

    One of the benefits of freezing maple syrup is that it is a very reliable form of preservation. Freezing maple syrup will not change the consistency once it is thawed out. This makes buying in bulk and freezing it a great option for those who want to use it in recipes or for those who like to always have a supply of maple syrup on hand.

    Another benefit of freezing maple syrup is that it is a great way to preserve it for a long period of time. Maple syrup can last in the freezer for years without any change to the flavor!


    Why else might you want to keep maple syrup in the freezer? Well, it can be great way to reduce waste if you trying to be more environmentally conscious.

    It's true! You can keep a large bag of maple syrup in the freezer and keep a refillable glass bottle in your fridge so you don't have to buy bottle after bottle. So freezing your maple syrup can help reduce waste.


    How to thaw frozen maple syrup

    There are a few things to keep in mind when freezing maple syrup. The first is that you will need to thaw it out before using it. This can be done by placing the container of frozen maple syrup in the refrigerator overnight or by taking it out a few hours before using or refilling your bottle.

    If you need the maple syrup thawed quickly, you can take it out of the freezer and place it into a pot or a sink filled with warm water to help bring it up to room temperature. You can also massage the bag and squeeze it a bit to help it out as well.

    If you do plan on freezing your maple syrup, make sure you consider the container that it comes in.


    What container should you freeze maple syrup in?

    Avoid freezing the maple syrup in the same glass container that is comes in. The expansion can cause the glass to break. If using a mason jar, be sure to leave enough room for expansion. Freeze it without the lid to make sure there is enough room and then when it's frozen you can put the lid on.

    You can also use a softer container like a freezer safe pouch or bag that is easy to squeeze and massage during the warming up process.

    Maple Roch sells soft, 1.5L bags of pure, organic maple syrup. These bags are made to be kept in the freezer and they pour perfectly from the easy pour spout, with a twist-off cap.

    We also have 500ml glass bottles with a flip top lid that makes the perfect refillable bottle to keep in the fridge! The refillable bag spout fits perfectly in this glass jar top so there is no mess.

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    There are some commonly asked questions about freezing maple syrup which help us summarize this article perfectly, and we will answer those below:

    What happens if you freeze maple syrup?

    If you place maple syrup in the freezer there are a few things that will happen:

    • Maple syrup itself will not freeze like water. It will turn very thick and hard to pour out.
    • The color of frozen maple syrup will likely deepen as a result of the temperature.
    • Maple syrup will need a bit of time to thaw so it can be poured again.

    How long does maple syrup last when it is frozen?

    When maple syrup is frozen, it can last for many years as long as it stays in the freezer. It may be taken out thawed and used and it can be placed back in the freezer to continue to last for a long time.

    How can you freeze maple syrup?

    You can freeze your maple syrup best if it is in a durable, closable bag with a lid. Just be sure to take your frozen bag of maple syrup out of the freezer long enough so it thaws and becomes pourable again before use or refilling another container for the fridge.

    Also, it's very important when using pouches or freezer bags to keep them standing upright in the freezer and not to lay anything on top of the bags or pouches.

    We hope you found this article on freezing maple syrup helpful! Be sure to check out the selection of pure, organic and naturally vegan Maple Roch maple syrup right here.

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    How to freeze maple syrup


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