Corporate Gifts in Canada | 2021

Corporate Gifts in Canada | 2021

Finding great corporate gifts and corporate gift ideas can be a large task. You will want to find a corporate gift that supports your business model, whether that means finding environmentally friendly products, organic products, pure products, Canadian-made products, or socially-responsible products.

Luckily, Maple Roch products encompass all of these standards as well as the highest quality of specialty maple syrup that supports farm to table, while maintaining Canadian tradition and purity.


Corporate Gifts in Canada

If you are looking for corporate gifts in Canada or executive gifts in Canada, we have the best ideas for you that include environmentally friendly, pure, organic products that are a real treat.

Corporate Gifts Canada

Here is why you will want to consider having Maple Roch maple syrup and our pure, Canadian maple products for your corporate gifts this year:

  • Maple Roch maintains Canadian tradition by maintaining the purity of the product

  • Maple Roch is environmentally friendly and eco-conscious

  • Maple Roch is socially responsible

  • Maple Roch maple syrup comes in many bottles, bags and presentation options

  • Shipping for corporate gifts and our products is worldwide

  • Maple Roch can make custom corporate gift orders

Let's explore more about each of these points to help you decide why you will want to choose Maple Roch to fulfill all of your corporate and executive gifting needs.

1. We maintain Canadian tradition through the purity of our product

Blending passion with the tradition and purity of Canadian maple syrup, we are a BC-based, farm-to-table enterprise who are dedicated to offering maple syrup in its natural form.

Executive Gifts Canada

Our maple syrup is single blend, meaning it is not mixed with other syrups. This allows our maple syrup to taste just as it should; as if it were harvested from the tree and boiled right in front of you.

2. Environmentally friendly and eco-conscious products and practices

We are committed to being environmentally sustainable. From our eco-friendly maple-harvesting practices, to our refillable, recyclable and compostable packaging, we keep our environmental footprint as low as possible.

3. We are committed to being socially responsible

Maple Roch strives to employ and support those with different needs and enjoys providing mentorship opportunities and support to those in the community.

Every sale helps support this initiative.

4. Maple Roch maple syrup comes in many bottles, bags and presentation options

Canadian Gift Boxes Ideas

Whether you want your corporate gift to be practical and have it come in a pouch, or a flip top glass bottle, we have those. Or perhaps you want your presentation to be top notch, in which we offer our pure maple syrup in glass tarquina bottles, with the maple leaf as a raised design right on the glass and hand-dip the top in a beautiful red wax seal. We have the perfect corporate gift idea for your needs.

5. We ship worldwide

Yes, we are Canadian and offer amazing corporate gift ideas for Canada and executive gift ideas, and we ship worldwide. We are excited to offer our pure Canadian products to the world!

6. We can make custom corporate gift orders

If it is a gift basket that you are looking for or specifically, corporate gift baskets, we can put these items together for you. Please send us an email to and we can chat about your needs.

Canadian Gift Idea

We hope you will consider us for all your corporate and executive gift ideas, whether you are in Canada or around the world. We are happy to share our amazing pure maple syrup and maple products with you, your friends and family.

We have so many gift items to choose from including pure, organic amber or dark maple syrup. Head to our product pages today to see the selection of high quality products, or send us a message. Let's see what we can do for you! No order is too small or too large.

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