Edible wedding favors

Edible Wedding Favours

In planning your wedding, you may have already decided on what kind of wedding ceremony you're going to have, who is going to be invited, what type of dress will you wear, etc. But have you thought about your wedding favours?

Your wedding favours can be a tricky decision. You will want something small and memorable; something that represents you that will leave a lasting impression on the guests who will be receiving them. Which wedding favour will you choose?


Why give favours at a wedding?

A wedding favour is a thank you gift given to your wedding guests in appreciation of their attendance at your wedding. Wedding favours are often small symbolic tokens wedding guests receive when attending the wedding reception.

When considering your own wedding favours, you will want them to represent who you are as a couple. Perhaps you want your wedding favour to represent how you met, or maybe to something you love to do together or something you enjoy eating.

If you are considering gifting your wedding guests with an edible wedding favour, you have come to the right place. Let's talk about the best edible wedding favours: pure, natural, organic, single forest maple syrup.


Edible Wedding Favours

Best edible wedding favours canada

Edible wedding favours are among most popular wedding favor ideas as they encompass the mood or feeling of the wedding, and everyone loves a little delicious treat. These types of wedding favors have been traditional for generations and are usually handed out by newlyweds at the exit or door of their reception.


Sweet wedding favour ideas

A wedding is the union of two people and the love they have for each other. It is often why sweet edible wedding favours are given out as opposed to salty snacks. The sweetness represents the union of the love, and this is why maple syrup is the perfect edible wedding favour idea.


Maple syrup wedding favours

Why give maple syrup as an edible wedding favour you ask? Well maple syrup tends to be more personal than your average wedding favour of candies, matches or bottle openers.

Not only does maple syrup taste absolutely amazing if it is 100% real maple syrup, it is steeped in tradition and history and shows a deep connection with nature. Maple syrup makes great edible wedding favours in Canada as well as in the United States!

Did you know that maple syrup is the only sugar that is harvested that doesn't involve cutting down its source?

Tapped from maple trees, maple syrup is harvested by boring small holes into maple trees in the spring, and this does not harm the tree in any way. Of course, you will want to source your pure maple syrup from a family who treats their trees very well, and Maple Roch is the perfect place to find this ethically harvested maple syrup.


Maple Roch maple syrup wedding favours

What is it about Maple Roch syrup that makes it so different? The answer is woven throughout the entire story of where their maple syrup sap comes from, to the maple harvesting process, to the boiling down of the syrup and even into the bottling and packaging details.

The environmentally-sustainable standards Maple Roch goes by, coupled with their socially responsible practices, are all reflected in the story of Maple Roch's 100% pure, organic, unblended maple syrup that is harvested for us by the same families, year after year.


Where does Maple Roch maple syrup come from?

While over 90% of Canadian maple syrup is produced in Quebec, most of Maple Roch's small batch maple syrup is produced in Saint-Quentin, New Brunswick; a town of approximately 2200 people.

Saint-Quentin is found in the Canadian Appalachian Mountains, where sugar maple trees grow naturally in ancient forests embedded in the rich, moist montane soils. This location provides a soil profile that is perfect for growing sugar maples, as they require deep, moist, well-drained acidic soil.

Most of Maple Roch's maple syrup is harvested by maple-harvesting families in Saint-Quentin who produce the highest possible quality single-blend, organic maple syrup for them.


Maple Roch edible wedding favours

Maple Roch makes the most amazing edible wedding favours. Roch knows that your wedding favours will represent who you are as a couple and may also nod to how you met or even where you are getting married.

We are happy to work with brides and grooms to offer the best maple syrup wedding favours.

Maple Roch has several sweet maple syrup products, and our mini maple leaf bottles are our most popular edible wedding favours.

See Maple Roch's Mini Maple Leafs here

Let us know if you are considering gifting people with pure, 100% maple syrup at your wedding reception. We would love to work with you. Maple syrup wedding favours are definitely something new and unique that would leave the sweetest impression on your guests, and we can't wait to work with you.     

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Sweet Edible Wedding Favor Ideas


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