Maple Taffy Candy Recipe

Maple Snow Candy | How To Make Maple Taffy

Maple syrup is a tasty treat that's perfect for adding to waffles, pancakes, or even as a topping for ice cream! It's made from the sap of maple trees, which is then boiled to produce a thicker syrup. It can be used as a sweetener or flavoring in many different recipes, especially if you are looking to get away from processed foods such as white sugar.

If it's cold where you live, or if you have access to clean snow or ice shavings in a cold environment, then maple syrup can be made into a delicious candy treat. 

What is maple snow candy, or maple taffy?

There are many different types of candy that people eat throughout the world, each with its own unique history and culture. One very popular type is maple taffy or maple snow candy, which is produced by boiling pure maple syrup until it becomes a thick liquid. It is then poured onto fresh fallen snow to become hardened before being cut into pieces or rolled onto a wooden popsicle stick to enjoy.

Maple snow candy or maple taffy is a delicious treat that is perfect for winter! It's easy to make and is a fun, sweet treat for any occasion. It is definitely a crowd pleaser and would be a great, sweet snack for an ice-skating or sledding party, or at an outdoor winter bonfire.

To make maple candy, you need to take pure maple syrup and let it cool in the snow. Pure maple syrup is typically made from maple sap that has been boiled to evaporate most of the water, leaving a thick syrup. This process gives it a sweet flavor and a color ranging from light amber to dark.

It is very important to use pure maple syrup for this process to get the proper results, such as Maple Roch's pure maple syrup, and amber or dark syrup can be used.

Let's get into the maple recipe!


Maple Snow Candy | How To Make Maple Taffy


Ingredients for maple taffy in the snow:

  • Pure, organic Maple Roch maple syrup (the amount depends on how much you plan on making, it uses approximately 2tbp. per maple taffy stick)
  • A popsicle stick for each person to roll their maple candy

    How to make maple taffy in the snow:

    1. Pour your pure, Maple Roch maple syrup into a pot.
    2. Heat the pot on a medium-high open flame if possible. Roch recommends doing this outdoors because you will be boiling for anywhere from 20-45 minutes and the maple syrup will steam up and create a very sweet smell.
    3. Stir the maple syrup constantly and keep an eye on it. The time that it will take to be ready will vary, depending on the climate you are making it in. You will need to test it when you think it is close to finishing.
    4. You will know your syrup is getting close when it starts boiling with a creamy looking appearance on top of it.
    5. Test the maple syrup by pouring little bits onto some fresh, clean snow. If it sinks into the snow, it is not ready. If the syrup stays on top of the snow, you can try touching a popsicle stick to the end and seeing if it picks up as you roll. If it's not sticking to the popsicle stick, it is not quite ready.
    6. When you are able to pour a test spot of maple syrup, and if it sits on top of the snow and you can also roll it up on a popsicle stick, it is ready.
    7. Using a ladle, pour several 6" strips of hot maple syrup onto the fresh snow and give your friends and family popsicle sticks. They can start at one end of the maple syrup strip and slowly roll it onto itself, to make a sticky maple lollipop!

    Keep the maple syrup on the stove and continue to heat and stir it until it is done. And there you have it! Maple syrup snow candy.

    This is a traditional treat you can make every year! People will love it, and they can interact with you by rolling their own individual candies so it can be fun for everyone.

    Have a look at the live Instagram video with Roch when he served maple candy on snow to people in Summerland, British Columbia. This is where the Maple Roch shop is located.

    Everyone loves when he does makes maple syrup in the snow, it is always a fun time that draws a great crowd. And please follow us on Instagram! You will see lots of maple fun recipes and ideas there and we would really appreciate that support.


    Does maple syrup taste better when it's cold?

    When maple syrup is warm, its flavor is robust and is beautifully pronounced. However, when it's cold, the syrup becomes slightly sweeter as it is more concentrated and it has a slightly different flavor profile. This is because the colder temperatures make the sugar molecules in the syrup move more slowly, which allows for more complex flavors to develop. So, if you're looking for a delicious winter treat, give maple snow candy a try!

    Where to buy pure maple syrup for maple taffy?

    Maple Roch maple syrup is the perfect maple syrup to make maple candy or taffy in the snow with. It is single forest, meaning it is not mixed with other syrups. This allows our maple syrup to taste just as it should; as if it were harvested from the tree and boiled right in front of you.

    See prices of Maple Roch maple syrup right here

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    These maple syrup candies are a delicious treat that is is fun and interactive. And anybody can make these if it is cold enough out!

    We hope you love this recipe, and if you are interested in learning more about using 100% pure maple syrup and maple sugar in your recipes, check out our store.


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