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Maple Water | What is Maple Water & Why is it Healthy?

If you have been hearing about athletes and health experts talking about the benefits of maple syrup or maple water, you may be wondering, what is maple water? Is maple water healthy? Is maple syrup healthy? What exactly are the benefits to drinking maple water, and can I make my own maple water?

We are going to explore what maple water is, why people are talking about it and how you apply the same principles to your daily water intake.

Maple Water

What is maple water? Maple water is pure maple sap that has been collected and filtered from maple trees when the weather is changing from winter to the warmer spring months. This change in weather is signaling the maple trees to wake up and to come out of their dormant state.

During this time, the trees "wake up" when it is warm and go back to sleep (so to say) when the temperatures return to cold at night. This waking up and going back to sleep, for lack of better terms, creates a pump system where the trees are bring the stored sap up the trunk and back down again. This is when maple sap is able to be harvested.

The maple sap is collected at this time as it is the only time of the year where the sap runs up and down the tree, so the collection period is very short. Once it is warm in the day and the nights warm up as well, there is no longer a pumping of sap but rather, a flow of the sap to nourish the buds and future leaves of the trees. Sap can no longer be collected in these temperatures.

So during the warm days and cool nights, sap is collected and this is actually maple water.

What is maple water?

We know now that maple water is the sap of the maple tree, but is it maple syrup?

No. Maple water is not maple syrup. Maple water in all aspects looks like clear, pure water. It really has no taste or smell at all, but its composition is different than regular water.

In order for this sap or maple water to become maple syrup, it needs to be boiled down so that the water content evaporates and what is left is a more concentrated sugar source, resulting in that amazing maple syrup that you (hopefully) know and love.

All the nutritional components of maple syrup is in that maple water; it just presents as clear and odorless and tasteless.

What can maple water be used for?

Maple water can be used like water in many drinks, including:

  • everyday drinking water
  • for recovery drinks
  • in water bottles for workouts
  • carbonated drinks
  • in smoothies
  • made into tea
  • made into ice
  • added to spirits
  • in hot drinks

Why do people drink maple water?

Maple water can be used in place of any other beverage or drink - whether you are thirsty or want refreshment after a sport or any physical activity, maple water provides electrolytes and natural sugars for energy.

Maple water also helps restore hydration during exercise by replacing fluid so your body stays hydrated longer. Its high potassium content has also been said to help with muscle cramps.

This year, Canadian tennis player Leylah Fernandez famously said the secret to her success in the US Open was maple syrup: "I would say it's the maple syrup [...] Canadian maple syrup is very good" (The Daily Hive).

Pure, organic maple syrup contains:

  • potassium
  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • phenolic compounds

Maple syrup also has a slow glycemic absorption.

How to get the benefits of maple water

Maple water can be difficult to find and can be expensive, but it is literally what maple syrup is made from. The water is boiled out of it to create maple syrup so you can easily make your own "maple water" by rehydrating maple syrup.

How to make maple water from maple syrup

You can make maple water from pure maple syrup by adding 1 tbsp. of pure, organic maple syrup to an 8oz. glass of water. You will get the same benefits of maple water by infusing your water with real maple syrup. Just make sure you are using real maple syrup that is 100% pure and is organic.

To find the best maple syrup for maple water, you will want to find a maple syrup that is unblended, meaning the maple syrup company values quality over quantity and doesn't boost volume by adding other syrups to its maple batch.

Where to buy 100% pure, organic, unblended maple syrup?

You can purchase pure maple syrup right from Our maple syrup is:

  • Organic
  • Has no additives
  • Unblended
  • Single forest
  • Farm to table
  • Naturally vegan
  • Naturally healthy
  • Reusable containers
  • Canada grade A product

Maple Roch maple syrup is also sustainably harvested by the same maple-harvesting families, year after year. You can feel good knowing where our maple syrup comes from and how it is harvested, and that we continue to support the efforts and relationships with the maple syrup farms we work with.

Learn more about Maple Roch's maple syrup harvesting here

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