maple syrup wedding favors

Maple Syrup Wedding Favours

Premium Maple Syrup Wedding Favours

Maple syrup wedding favours make the most unique, memorable gift for guests. When you are looking for something special to celebrate your big day with your friends and guests, there is nothing better than a gift of premium, single-forest, Canadian maple syrup.

Maple syrup is one of those special gifts that everyone loves. The smooth, buttery flavors are pure and natural. Experience organic amber and dark maple syrup with warm flavours of caramel and vanilla.

What is it about Maple Roch syrup that makes it so different?

The answer is woven throughout the entire story of our single forest syrup. Our sugar maple trees grow naturally in ancient forests embedded in the rich, moist montane soils in the Appalachian mountains. This pristine location provides a soil profile that is perfect for growing sugar maples and gives our syrup a unique flavor profile that's not forgotten.

Maple Wedding Favours

Giftable Maple Syrup For Every Event

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Give the gift of Premium Maple Syrup wedding favors & gifts.

No order is too large or small. We will work with you to make the best customized wedding gift boxes and favours for your event. Choose from maple syrup wedding favors in small maple leaf bottles, to our luxury flip top bottles. Feel free to browse the website and share your ideas with us! We will work together to bring your maple syrup wedding favour ideas to life.

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